Sunday, January 29, 2012


Doilies , crocheted in a spiral structure, growing out from a central point whilst firmly anchored by the integral structure to this core. Delicate and strong reflecting the females who made them, representing the cyclical time by which women are governed by. Evoking memories of expectations…..

Dyed black, subverting the concept deeply rooted in their origins of innocence to create a bold statement, celebrating their beauty, indicative of the death and reincarnation of women’s role in society.

While we sleep……


  1. Beautiful. I thought the top photo was scarification at first! x

  2. thank you so much Mary....I was hoping to achieve that effect originally, but I enjoy the ambiguity of how it looks now. x

  3. - have a look! x

  4. ah, yes I have seen these...very lovely :) thank you sweetie xxx