Thursday, November 3, 2011

some details about me.......

Art has always been a major factor in my life, I have always painted and since studying have branched out into sculpture, textile art, photography and film making. I am currently in my second year of a Degree in Art and Mixed Media Textiles at Bath Spa University. My interests lie primarily in sculpture and photography; I am also a very confident public speaker, my presentations have always been very well received.....long may that continue.

In the future I hope to work with people in need of help and make a positive difference to their lives, I am in the research stages of developing a charity project. Upon graduation I hope to pursue working in the non-­profit area, utilising art as an empowering factor. I also hope to exhibit alongside doing workshops, I can see myself doing artist in residency posts for charity organisations. I am very keen to do voluntary work, aspiring to spread enthusiasm for expression through art and creativity, which I believe needs to be expanded upon in society currently.   

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