Friday, May 4, 2012

Work Ethic

Back in January I was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the Work Ethic exposition. It brought together a group of undergraduate Fine Art and Creative Art students from across disciplines who engage with ‘process’ as an integral part of their practice. Instead of an exhibition that presents a collection of finished works the intention was to present a space in which the artists’ journey was made visible.

With 'making' as a central theme the show explored the artists' relationship to work. For the duration of the two week exhibition the audience were presented with a space filled with the sights and sounds of production. They witnessed 'process' live and in a constant state of change.

Work in progress, Jan 2012

We used blackboards as a way of charting their daily activity. We clocked in and out by recording the hours our work and by keeping a log of our actions. I enjoyed exchanges with interested visitors about the working process, and the motivations behind my work. Also discussing some peoples relationship with their work; and fascinating anecdotes about doilies.

In my original proposal I had put forward that I wanted to work on a textile mixed media project. It was a work in progress and is a piece that explores the changes in the gender roles apparent in todays society and in the influences of iconic figures in the modern era.

Final Piece, Jan 2012

At the private view the piece was brought to life with performance, my son "slept" while the audience engaged with the work. This brought attention to the piece and provoked reactions and discussions regarding it's meaning. 

While working on the quilt, I felt that it was successful in some areas. I needed to pare down and choose one aspect to focus on. After the show I dropped the printed images and concentrated on just using the crocheted doilies as a means to highlight womens redefined position. The revised piece was put into a subsequent show, 'We're here, where are you' which I'll talk about next time.

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